What is Big Book Sponsorship?

“Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking (using) as intensive work with other alcoholics (addicts). It works when other activities fail.” (p. 89 A.A. Big Book)

“But the ex-problem alcoholic (cocaine addict) who has found this solution, who is properly armed with facts about themself, can generally win the entire confidence of another alcoholic (cocaine addict) in a few hours. Until such an understanding is reached, little or nothing can be accomplished.”

“That the person who is making the approach has had the same difficulty, that they obviously know what they are talking about, that their whole deportment shouts at the new prospect that they are a person with a real answer, that they have no attitude of Holier Than Thou, nothing whatever except the sincere desire to be helpful; that there are no fees to pay, no axes to grind, no people to please, no lectures to be endured these are the conditions we have found most effective. After such an approach many take up their beds and walk again.” (p. 18 & 19, A.A. Big Book)